FreeBSD stuffs

Software projects

  • Checkmail : CLI to check your pop email accounts in a single command
  • Battery state : Display your laptop battery state in text mode (made for wmii status bar)
  • podcastdl : A simple and powerful CLI to download your podcast from crontab
  • libibbudy : A library to drive an ibuddy device in many unixes
  • p5-libsoldout : A perl wrapper for the markdown parsing library libsoldout
  • adb for FreeBSD : Compile a standalone adb, the android debuging tool, for FreeBSD
  • pcapfilter : Filter your pcap entries from a file and generates a new pcap file
  • lcpustats : Display CPU stats coming from /proc/stat for linux
  • getpatch : A shell script to download bugzilla attachements
  • pkg provides : A pkg plugin for querying which package provides a particular file


  • dfileserver : A small and simple webserver programmed in C++.
  • 9e : a program to explode Third Edition Plan 9 and at least some Inferno archives.

Old stuff, mostly deprecate

  • A framework wrote in 2003 to convert cli apps in a windows service (hosted here)
  • A page dedicated to my work and old memories in the FreeBSD project :-)